What Forms Of Payment Can I Use?

For your convenience, we accept a number of payment methods! Each accepted method is listed below.

PayPal Billing Agreements

PayPal Billing Agreements are an easier way of paying for your Onra Host services. From within your client area, you can create a billing agreement. Simply go to https://client.onrahost.com/paypalagreement.php and click “Establish New Agreement”. You will then be presented with a PayPal login- enter your PayPal user and password to finish the agreement.

Setting up an agreement allows our billing system to charge your PayPal account in the same way a credit card would be charged. The system will automatically deduct the invoice amount from your PayPal account on the invoice’s due date. This method is preferred by most Onra Host clients, as you will not need to establish a new agreement if you upgrade\downgrade your service, or add an add-on.

Standard PayPal Payment

You can make a standard PayPal payment using your PayPal email address and password. Simply open up your invoice, click the yellow PayPal button, and you will be redirected to a login screen. You can either log into your PayPal account, or enter your credit card information for a one time payment.

Credit Card Payment

Easily and securely make a payment using your credit card. We use Stripe as our credit card processor. From within our client area, you can enter your credit card information, which will be securely stored on our Processor’s server. Although we will not have your credit card information, we will be able to charge your card for your invoices.

Bitcoin Payment

Onra Host accepts Bitcoin! We use Bitpay to accept payments using Bitcoins. If you have Bitcoin selected on your invoice, simply click “Pay” to be redirected to BitPay. You will be given an address to send your Bitcoin to. The funds will be automatically sent to us within 10 minutes.

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